Legit Ways to Get Free Google Play Codes

Google phones are extremely popular — but how do you get free Google Play codes? 

The Google Play store is one of the most unique features of android phones. It surely gives the Apple Store a run for its money. They may be one of the reasons why android phones have exceeded Apple phones in worldwide usage.

At the Google Play store, you’ll find many useful apps, many fun games, and many features. This article will walk you through all you need to know about how to get free gift codes for Google Play. 

What Are Google Play Codes? 

Google play codes are redeemable codes that you can use to purchase products on the Google Play store. You can usually find them at stores that sell physical gift cards. You can buy to be redeemed for as low as ten dollars, and as high as five hundred. 

Or simply buy them online. 

Since you do have the option to buy items in the Google Play store with your money directly, Google Play codes are generally best to give as gifts (that is if you’re not getting them for free). Google Play gift cards can get people everything from Zoom memberships to music streaming services. 

How Can You Earn Free Google Play Codes? 

But perhaps the best thing about Google Play is that there are many options for earning free Google Play codes. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular and reliable ways that people earn Google Play redeem codes for free. 

Registering Samsung or Google Devices

Just like many video games, Google provides rewards for doing things for them. If you register your Samsung or Google device with the Google store, Google will reward you. 

You may be worried that this sounds suspicious — why would Google just give me things for free? Well, they’re rewarding you for buying more of their products. Someone who devotes themselves to buying only Google products will find themselves rewarded; they’re rewarding loyalty. 

These rewards can be anywhere from low amounts of money, to as high as $200 for more expensive products. 

Google Opinion Rewards

Google has set up a survey site for consumers to give them information in return for free Google Play gift card codes. The app will send you a survey every once in a while, and completing it can earn you up to a dollar of Google Play credit. This can add up quickly — and the cheap price of many Google Play products gives this a lot of bang for your buck. 

Once again, this is Google rewarding you for being loyal. They use your answers to improve their products.

But we think there’s a better survey program out there to earn your Google Play redeem code for free.


GrabPoints is one of the quickest and easiest ways you can earn Google Play codes for free. Our site allows you to effectively “work” to receive Google Play rewards.

On GrabPoints you can watch videos, complete offers, complete surveys, and invite your friends to accrue or “grab” points. These points can be redeemed for gift cards and cash. 

You don’t have to worry about anything sketchy going on on our website. Many companies advertise on GrabPoints, which is how we can afford to keep the business running and pay you. You traffic you bring these advertisers makes this arrangement good for both parties.  

If you’ve ever found yourself asking — where can I get free Google Play codes? — the answer might just be GrabPoints


While there are many legitimate ways to earn free Google Play redeem codes, there are many things you have to watch out for. You are trying to get something for free on the internet after all; there will be many scammers out there. 

Make sure you stay away from anything that asks you to give out your personal information. You should never have to give out your personal information to redeem Google Play codes. Google Play Codes will send you codes to redeem, so you shouldn’t have to put anything of yours out there. 

You also have to be wary of anybody who claims to know how to “hack” the play store to get you free codes. This is most likely illegal and dangerous. The legitimate ways of earning Google Play codes all involve doing some work in return. 

Other Legit Ways

There are other ways out there to get Google Play codes. While we recommend GrabPoints, there are other survey sites out there to complete and gain free points. 

There are also loyalty/reward programs that various stores — like CVS and Target — give out. You can receive gift cards as a result of these various rewards programs. 

How to Claim

GrabPoints will send you a code to redeem electronically on the Google Play store. Simply go to the page that asks you to redeem gift cards/codes and type your code in. 

They also may give you a code to redeem for an in-person gift card. If this occurs, go to the store indicated and give the employees your code to receive your card. 

Earn Google Play Points  

It’s no secret that Google is taking over our world. Embrace the way of the future, and take advantage of the ways that you can use free Google Play codes. 

Once you consider what these codes are, how you can earn them, where to go, what the risks are, and how to claim your codes, you can do no wrong. Go off and get your free benefits!