How to Earn a Free Walmart Gift Card

Did you know that Walmart has about 265 million customers every week? It’s one of the most popular stores for shopping in person and online. What’s not to like about Walmart – low prices, great selection, and convenience! 

If you’ve been shopping at Walmart, you probably know that they have everything you could ever want for your house, entertainment, and more. Even better, you can get everything delivered to your home. Now imagine you could get everything you ordered for free.

With a free Walmart gift card, you can get some items sent to your home for free! If you’ve ever wondered “How can I get a free Walmart gift card?” read on – this article will cover how to get free Walmart gift cards! 

How to Use Walmart EGift Cards

Similar to any gift card, Walmart gift cards can be applied to your purchases to make them cheaper and sometimes free. Walmart eGift Cards are cards that can be applied to your purchases online, similar to a discount code. 

You can use a Walmart eGift card online for any purchase you want to make, whether it’s for household goods, entertainment, clothes, electronics, or anything else Walmart offers. If the gift card is of a high enough value, your purchase can be entirely free. 

If you’re wondering where to get a Walmart eGift card online, most people end up buying them from Walmart or other websites and giving them as gifts. While they do make great gifts for others, if you buy one for yourself this process saves you no money because the value of the gift card is equivalent to how much you end up paying for it. 

This is why free Walmart gift card codes are so valuable. If you use a free Walmart eGift card online, you can save your money for other stores and purchases!

How to Get Free Walmart Gift Cards Online

It’s very easy to find out how to earn a Walmart eGift card online! The answer is simple – GrabPoints.

GrabPoints works with large companies doing market research on their target audience. They’ll provide you with market research tasks to complete and reward you when each task is finished.

Tasks vary depending on the company and service. Sometimes you’ll have to fill out a survey, sometimes you’ll have to watch ads, and sometimes you’ll have to do a free trial of a company and review the service. For each task you complete, you’ll be rewarded with GrabPoints.

As you accumulate GrabPoints, you can request payouts in the form of gift cards and in-game currency. This is how to get a Walmart eGift card online for your purchases!

Is Walmart eGift Card Online Legit?

Because Walmart gift cards are so valuable, lots of people wonder how to earn free Walmart gift cards and end up searching the internet for code generators. These sites will say they will issue free gift cards for no work at all.

However, these sites often install spyware that can infect your computer and steal your personal information. Protect your privacy when you’re looking for free gift cards, and stay away from sites like this!

GrabPoints has a 4.7 rating on Trustpilot, meaning it is a legit, safe way to earn gift cards.

Start Earning GrabPoints and Get a Free Walmart Gift Card Today

Now that you know how to earn free Walmart gift cards, there’s no reason not to start earning GrabPoitns today. It doesn’t take very many points to get your first reward, and a free Walmart gift card can save you lots of money! 

If Walmart gift cards aren’t for you, there are lots of rewards available that can save you money so sign up for a free GrabPoints account and start earning!