How to Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards through Surveys and Videos

Amazon ships over 1.6 million packages per day. This means more than 18 orders are placed every second. Needless to say, Amazon has become an indispensable one-stop-shop for almost everyone. 

These numbers are only going up since COVID started, and we’re learning how easy it is to order from home, leaving the house only when necessary. Amazon is here to stay for essentials, luxuries, and everything in between! 

But, it’s difficult to get discounts on Amazon, so these purchases can really add up. Amazon gift cards are a great way to buy products, and if you get them for free, you can save your real money for other things! 

If you’ve ever wondered how to get free Amazon gift card codes and save tons of money, read on! 

What Can You Use Amazon Gift Cards For? 

Amazon’s mission statement says they strive to give you the best prices, the widest selection, and the most convenient shopping experience. They claim to be the best e-commerce service available online. 

If their services are not the best and most convenient, they’re definitely getting close. They offer anything and everything you could want! 

You can shop for essentials on Amazon, and have them delivered as needed either by ordering manually or setting up an automatic periodic delivery. For example, if you go through one multipack of paper towels every three months, you can have a multipack automatically delivered every 90 days. 

Their selection of household goods is expansive and covers every kind of goods you might need. They also offer food, snacks, and vitamins, so you can have non-perishables sent right to your house. 

Shipping is usually quick, within a few days. You can also get overnight or one-day shipping, so your purchases can come even quicker! 

Amazon Prime

You can set up an Amazon Prime account on a monthly or annual basis, providing you discounts on products and shipping. Most purchases are eligible for free one-day shipping with Amazon prime, so it’s a great option if you’re looking to order frequently. 

Furthermore, since they added Amazon Video, you can rent and buy movies and TV shows. Many of them are free for Prime members, but you can also pay for new releases and classics.

You can even add specific channel memberships to watch things that are otherwise unavailable. For example, you can add an HBO subscription to your Amazon account and watch classics like Downton Abbey and Game of Thrones! 

Amazon Gift Cards

All of these purchases and more are possible with Amazon gift cards. You can use an Amazon gift card to credit your account and pay for items. You can buy Amazon gift cards in stores, or you can buy card codes online and use them when you check out.

But, this saves no money. You are just exchanging money for a gift card.

Imagine you got a free $100 Amazon gift card. You could use that to buy $100 worth of home goods, entertainment, and save your real money for something else! This is why it is so helpful to get free Amazon gift card codes, they’re free money! 

How To Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

It’s easy to earn free Amazon gift cards with GrabPoints. GrabPoints is a company that helps other firms with their marketing and research by providing them information about their target audience with your help. You’re rewarded with GrabPoints that can then be exchanged for rewards like gift cards, in-game currencies, and more!

How Do You Earn GrabPoints?

You can earn GrabPoints in three main ways: filling out surveys, watching videos, and completing offers. 

Filling out surveys is a way that companies can learn more about their target audience for marketing. GrabPoints is the middle man between you and these companies. We only work with large, legit companies so these surveys are well paid and safe. 

The second way you can earn GrabPoints is to watch ads. If you’re a medium-sized company, paying for airtime for your advertising can be expensive and daunting. GrabPoints is a way for companies to pay for you to watch ads without paying for the airtime, and the rewards come directly to you! 

The third way to earn GrabPoints is to complete offers. These are various tasks that companies need for research. For example, a common offer is to participate in a free trial of a service.

This is a great way for you to experience a company’s services for free and review them while still earning GrabPoints!

You can also earn more GrabPoints by referring friends!  

As you accumulate GrabPoints you can trade them in for rewards like gift cards, in-game currency, and more. You can also trade them in for Amazon gift cards, saving you tons of money on your essentials! This makes GrabPoints the best way how to earn free Amazon gift cards. 

Watch Out for Scammers

Because Amazon gift cards are akin to free money, lots of people find themselves searching the net for free Amazon gift card redeem codes. They’ll probably stumble upon a site that claims to be a free Amazon gift card generator.

These sites claim that they’ll dispense a free Amazon gift card instantly without work or money. However, they often download spyware and malware that can take your personal information, like your credit card information and your ID numbers. 

Amazon gift cards are very valuable, but nothing is more valuable than your personal safety. GrabPoints has a 4.7 Trustpilot rating, so it is a safe and verified way to get free amazon gift card numbers while keeping your privacy safe. 

Start Earning GrabPoints to Get Free Amazon Cards!

Now that you understand the straightforward and easy way to get free Amazon gift cards, there’s no reason not to start earning GrabPoints today. If Amazon gift cards are not for you, we also have a wide variety of prizes that can save you money every day. 

It’s quick, easy, and can save you tons of money! Check out our selection, and reach out with any questions.