Hello, I’m Support Team,

I’m a computer programmer that used to work for a huge software developing company.

Working for a big company can get boring, so, as I became bored, I started to investigate ways to potentially hack into the databases of the companies. I used to think this was impossible, but one day I stumbled upon an article that stated that Yahoo’s data had been breached. It gave me motivation to attempt my own hacking endeavor.

After countless months of trial and error I finally did it! And then I replicated the same process on other sites. After tweaking several things, I was able to access those databases as well. Now, I had full view of these companies promotion and gift card codes that could get you anything for free.

And now… here we are GiftCard

My dad always told me: “Do good and good will come to you.” I created this site to share this database of codes I’ve acquired with the rest of you guys. I was pissed having to pay for every little thing and hated these big companies for ripping me off.

In return for all of this, I ask for only one thing in return. Please share my website with your friends and family and help them to acquire the greatness that you have found.

Other than that I have nothing left to say besides enjoy and have fun!

That’s it about me. I hope you enjoy our website.

~Support Team